How to Downgrade iPhone 6 from iOS 10 to iOS 9?

2017-07-28 9177 Posted by 3uTools

Your iPhone may get stuck after you upgraded it to iOS 10, then do you want to downgrade it back to iOS9?  How to downgrade iPhone 6 from iOS 10 to iOS 9 in a more simple way? Do you feel it’s a bit complicated to use iTunes in order to restore/ flash your iDevice? Now here is another good choice. Using 3uTools Easy Flash can make your flash experience more convenient and effective.


iPhone iOS 10 beta1 has just been released, so you could probably meet with, it probably exist some problems in experiencing the new generation iOS system, for example, a lower system stability, a faster power consumption, lacking smoothness, being incompataible with some Apps and etc.


You can easily downgrade your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from iOS 10 to iOS 9 through using 3uTools, which is a totally free tool for all iOS users. In addition, the next update of 3uTools will add many more features, including files management, garbage clean,data migaration, ringtone make, data backup, wall papers, instant desktop, apps download without Apple ID and etc..


Please notice these tips before you start downgrading your iPhone:

1. Please use iTunes to backup your important data before flash.

2. Ensure you remember your iCloud account and password, or your device can't be activated after flash.

3. If the app immediately jumps to the main menu as you click the app icon after flash, please use 3uTools to restore your iOS device.


Step 1. Download the latest version of 3uTools and connect your iPhone to PC using the USB cable.

How to Downgrade iPhone 6 from iOS 10 to iOS 9?

Step 2. After your iPhone is connected to 3uTools(PC version), please click  “Flash Jailbreak”→“Easy Flash”.

How to Downgrade iPhone 6 from iOS 10 to iOS 9?


Step 3. Select “Firmware”→“to import the firmware “iOS 9.3.2” and click the green button“Flash now”, please then wait till the flash is completed. And the device will restart after flash.


How to Downgrade iPhone 6 from iOS 10 to iOS 9?


3uTools is currently a free iOS jailbreak and flash tool for all Apple iOS devices users, and it supports including iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch and etc. If you have any questions about iOS and 3uTools, please post your ideas on our Facebook group“3uTools for iOS Users”.

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