New iPad Air Advertising Wallpaper

2019-03-25 786 Posted by 3uTools

New iPad Air Advertising Wallpaper

This week, Apple launched an all new 10.5″ iPad Air! As with all new devices, Apple chose a great image as the advertising background and we’ve got it here for your device.

New iPad Air wallpaper

When Apple releases a new product or announces an event, we get loads of requests for the corresponding advertising imagery.

We get the quickest response from fan-favorite, @AR72014. He has provided some quick modification work here, with a version for iPhone. You should follow him for more daily downloads.

Below, there is a desktop version provided by @AppleiDesigner. This version could also make a great iPad wall as well.

New iPad Air Advertising Wallpaper

Download: iPhone

New iPad Air Advertising Wallpaper

Download: desktop (3840 x 2606)

Source: idb

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