Best Tips for Buying a New iPhone This Year

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The end of 2018 may be in sight, but some of the most exciting phone launches of the year are still to come. Apple's 2018 iPhones are mere weeks away, and Google's rumored Pixel 3 is expected to follow soon after. 

Best Tips for Buying a New iPhone This Year

But despite the great phones you can buy today, my advice for high-end buyers is to wait, especially if you're undecided. Hold off a month or two when all the year's phones are launched and when the holiday promotions begin. You'll have the most phones to choose from, and some competitive pricing among carriers and retailers who want your business badly. 

Top phone-buying tips:

Know what you care about most: Is it screen size, camera quality, battery life? This will help narrow down your choices.

Don't discount the midrange: You can get a great phone that does almost everything that a premium phone can do, for a fraction of the price.

Shop the sales: Look for deep discounts and promo deals around major holidays. And find out your grace period in case you need a quick return or exchange.

Last year's phones are a great deal, too. Wait for this year's launch to get last year's phone for less.

Hold the phone at a store first: You may love or hate the way it looks and feels in person.

If you buy a global phone, make sure it works with your carrier bands or you may not get the best voice and data coverage.

Have you already bought a lot of iPhone apps and iTunes movies? Stick with iPhone if you still want access to them. Likewise, if you've invested in any Android-only software, you'll want to stay on that side of the fence. Otherwise, it's simple enough to switch platforms.

Buy a case and glass screen protector: You'll protect your phone from costly damage, and will increase the phone's resale or trade-in value for when you're ready to move on.

If you're buying an iPhone

iOS updates come right on time for almost every phone. iPhones seem to develop fewer weird tics over time and they play better with other Apple products, like Macs. 

Apple usually announces the latest major iOS version in June -- here's everything you need to know about iOS 12 -- and releases it in September.

Older iPhones are cheaper, but run the risk of losing out on newer hardware-based features in future phones.

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