What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

2018-09-26 27078 Posted by 3uTools

3uTools V2.25 has been released on Sept. 19th. This release of 3uTools brings some notable features and improved performance for iOS users. If you don't want to miss it, you could follow this tutorial to get more detailed info.

What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

1. 3uTools Verification Report.

With the hard work of all 3u Team for several months to collect and verify data, entering the same values over and over from each test. Finally, the featured is added in this release. The verification report from 3uTools can tell you whether your device is stolen or assembled.

Click "View Verification Report" on iDevice page, you can get a detailed report freely in 3uTools. Click here to know more details.

What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

2. Make your own unique theme.

Users are able to add a customized theme in the last update, while this update is allowed users to adjust transparency for their theme. You can see as below, you could make your own unique 3uTools on your PC.

What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

3. You could send us Feedback in 3uTools directly.

If you meet any problem with 3uTools, you can send your feedback in it directly, we could help you as soon as possible. More and more users have their own suggestions about next update, please don't hesitate to send.

What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

4. Switch to Hindi in Language Settings.

Thanks to Tread Topic (Jigar Patel ) for the latest Hindi translation, you could set other languages in Settings. Currently, there are 8 languages for your choice.

You can set the language you want in Settings and restart 3uTools.

What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

5. Optimize on Back up/Restore.

Did you notice we have added a backup reminder when you launch 3uTools? It reminds you back up your iOS device from time to time. Of course, you are allowed to close the remind in iDevice connection of Settings.

We also have improved password verification on Back up/Restore , you should find some changes when you set a password for it.

What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

6. Fix connection problem in 3uTools.

We have found many users probably have encountered some connection problems in 3uTools. However, there are a number of reasons: USB cable, USB port, or your driver. Now you can troubleshoot some of the problems on this page.

Just click the blue highlighted words on this page, as below: 

What's New in 3uTools V2.25?

 We hope you enjoying this new version and welcome to your feedback, we'll optimize it in next version.

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