How to Get Face ID on Any Jailbroken iPhone?

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How to Enable Face ID on iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or Plus Model?

Is it really possible to unlock iPhone 8 Plus – 8, iPhone 7 Plus – 7 or lower with Face ID? Wondering how you can unlock your iPhone with your Face ID instead of Touch ID?

Well Yes! Enabling Face ID on older iPhones [iPhone 8 Plus or lower] is possible and works very fine. In order to get Face ID on your device, you must be jailbroken running iOS 11-11.3.1-11.4 (Read how to) and installed a Jailbreak tweak app called “Appellancy”.

Appellancy is jailbreak tweak that lets you unlock the device with face recognition via camera. It is available in Cydia and completely free.

How to Set Up Multiple Face ID on iPhone X in iOS 12?

How to Get Face ID on Any Jailbroken iPhone?

How to Use Face ID on Any iPhone?

Step 1: Open Cydia, then go to the Sources tab and add the following new repository: http://julioverne.github.io

Step 2: Once the new source has been added and all its packages loaded, search for the tweak Appellancy and install it.

How to Get Face ID on Any Jailbroken iPhone?

Step 3: Go to the Home screen and open the app. Tap on the + button in the top right corner to add a new user, then open it. Here you can take pictures of your face so that the app recognizes you when you attempt to unlock your iPhone.

The more pictures you take, the better the face detection functionality. For instance, you can capture a picture from every angle of your face. Apart from your own face, you can also add other people’s face to the app so that your device can be unlocked with their face as well.

Step 4: Now you're ready to go. Whenever you want to unlock your iPhone using your face, simply hold it in front of you so that the front camera can detect your face. Within a second, your device will automatically get unlocked just like Face ID.

Appellancy is very cool tweak and it will be useful for those who want the Face ID on the Touch ID-enabled devices.

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