How to Fix “Fail to Delete Photos” Using 3uTools?

2018-08-15 10665 Posted by 3uTools

If you want to manage the photos in your device, 3uTools allows you to delete plenty of photos in your device conveniently. 

How to Fix “Fail to Delete Photos” Using 3uTools?

However, when you fail to delete photos, you can operate as the following to fix it.

How to Fix “Fail to Delete Photos” Using 3uTools?




1. Please make sure you switch off iCloud Photo Library

How to Fix “Fail to Delete Photos” Using 3uTools?

2. If you take the photos or import them after you connect your device to 3uTools, plesae click “Refresh”, then try to delete photos again. If this trick does not work, please re-connect your device to PC.

3. If you does not turn on screen, please turn it on then re-connect to 3uTools.

4. Please re-plug the device and check the USB cable and port to confirm the connection.

5. If all the above tips are effectless, you can find the device folder in ComputerPortable Devices, then you can delete the photo from here.

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