How to Improve iPhone X Battery Life on iOS 11.3.1?

2018-08-10 418 Posted by 3uTools

Anyone who’s used an iPhone X for even a few days has discovered that while these phones are more powerful, and more fun, than perhaps any other cell or smartphone, that fun comes with a price: battery life. Here, we are going to offer you the tip from reddit on how to improve iPhone X battery on iOS 11.3.1.


How to Improve iPhone X Battery Life on iOS 11.3.1?

Important note:

  • Please backup file before editing, you can copy and past it on other /var folder.

  • Check the Link to explanation what backboardd is.

  • This may not work on some iPhones.



Step 1 Open Filza and search for com.apple.backboardd.plist in System/Library/LaunchDeamons. 


Step 2 Click on it, then tap on the “!” on the right side and disable RunAtLoad and KeepAlive (Please do not delete anything, just switch on -> off)


Step 3 Save, and then reboot your phone.


Step 4 Install a tweak Called Jetslammed


That’s it. According to the redditor, he got about 60% battery on a normal working day with a single charge. 

To know more battery status of your device, you can check battery details on 3uTools. 

How to Improve iPhone X Battery Life on iOS 11.3.1?

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