How to Speed up Safari Browsing on iOS 11?

2018-05-16 3276 Posted by 3uTools

There is no doubt that Safari is the most common browser on iPhone. It is the default web browser and can be launched directly from third-party apps. If you are annoyed by Safari’s middling performance, iOS 11 hidden features on Safari can help you improve its user experience.

How to Speed up  Safari Browsing on iOS 11?


iOS presets these features unable. As the follow steps, enable these features to make improvement.


Navigate to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced, then open Experimental Features. There are features that you can experience, some are enable, the others are closed off. These features are for iOS developers to test. According to the iOS version or product type, there are differences.


How to Speed up  Safari Browsing on iOS 11?How to Speed up  Safari Browsing on iOS 11?

To get faster speed of Safari, you can just enable all the option( Web Animation could be closed off.) After that, however, you may not normally view some pages(Unusual case). If you meet this, just close off back the features you enabled. So it is importance to take a screenshot of the default settings.


What do those features mean? Here are some important features;


Async Frame Scrolling: Allow web page in iframe run more smoothly.

CSS Spring Animations: Simulate animation effect with CSS.

Secure Contexts API: Protect iPhone against API attack from hackers.

Web Animations: Improve the speed of web animations.

WebGPU: Offer GPU acceleration while browsing.

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