​Bloby - Automatic Blob Saver for Windows

2018-03-12 3192 Posted by 3uTools

Update 03/12: Bloby should be updated soon  

What is Bloby?

Bloby is a free program made for Windows(should be compatible with Windows 7,8/8.1/10), that automaticlly saves blobs for your iDevice. You don't have to think about saving blobs anymore, because Bloby does it for you: the whole proccess goes automatic. Bloby is not responsible for broken blobs. Use at your own risk. If there is an update for Bloby, a notification will popup, saying that there is an update available, just click 'yes', and Bloby will automaticlly update for you.

Download link

You can get Bloby by clicking here.

​Bloby - Automatic Blob Saver for Windows

The install process of Bloby

Double click on the installer file. If your computer says that "this application is untrusted", then it is because of 'Windows SmartScreen'. Just click on: "more info" and then hit: "run anyway". There are plans for adding a portable edition so you don't have to install it anyway.

And you could copy your ECID from 3uTools, it's easy to use.

​Bloby - Automatic Blob Saver for Windows


  • Checks & saves available blobs automaticlly on Windows startup

  • Customization

  • 'Save manually blobs' function

  • Friendly UI

  • Easy installation & setup

  • 100% automatic update checker & update installer

Here are some Q&As from the developer:

Q: Are there plans for adding a portable version of Bloby

A: Yes, but no Mac/Linux

Q: Wich requirements do I need for Bloby?

A: You need to have a Windows computer, running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 & .NET framework 4.0+ (most likely preinstalled on most computers)

Q: Can I support you?

A: Yes, by using Bloby & reporting bugs

Q: Any update plans on Bloby?

A: Add option to check blobs on specific time and add multiple devices


Bloby by DumpDieDump

tsschecker by tihmstar

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