How can We Put iPhone 4 to A Better Use?

2017-08-08 2497 Posted by 3uTools

At the middle of this month, it is said that Apple Company will define some of products as “Outdated Product and Obsolete Product”, and iPhone4 is defined as Outdated Product. iPhone4 has been released since 2010, so it’s time to say farewell.


According to the Apple Company, those products that were produced five to seven years ago could be defined as “Outdated Product”. And those halted for more than seven years are defined as “Obsolete Product”. For these products, Apple has stop providing any hardware service and will not offer any assembly part of these obsolete products.


That means that if you are still using iPhone4, you would not get any service about hardware including maintaining from Apple retail locations or its official partners. However, there may be an exception in some countries or regions with harsh laws where Apple rules are not governed. For example, Turkey and California do not apply to Apple rules currently.

How can We Put iPhone 4 to A Better Use?


Some people are still using iPhone4 nowadays according to the statistics from MixPanel. But the number of iPhone4 users accounts for 1.2 percent. And from other statics of CIRP, the number of iPhone4 users is less than one million.


iPhone4 has other usages without being the antique so far.


If you don’t want to abandon such a classic device, you are suggested to replace iPhone4’s battery first. It’s not difficult in relacing battery. So you could replace the battery yourself or you could have others do it.


What else can we do for iPhone4?


A media player


If you have iPod, you may not need this function. Compact iPhone4 would be the good choice of device to link media player. You could link it to audio equipment and play music. In addition, you can just leave it in your car or bond it on your arm while you are going to the gym.


How can We Put iPhone 4 to A Better Use?

A device for the elderly people or children


Normally, old iPhone belongs to an entry-level device. iPhone4 is good enough for children or elderly people to do normal communication. But if iPhone 4 is updated to new system, it may not be a good experience to use it. We can’t deny that iPhone4 can deal with normal communication, such as, phone calls and messages.




You may not want to refit your new iPhone, but as such an old device, iPhone4, you could jailbreak and flash to enjoy different plug-ins. You could also take apart iPhone4 and replace it with transparent backside. In short, you could fiddle with an iPhone4 to enjoy the progress.


How can We Put iPhone 4 to A Better Use?



iPhone4 may be useless for some users, but other users want to have it as a collection. So you can sell it to these collectors. Moreover, you can save your pictures in iPhone4 as an compact album. You can also make it your alarm clock.


Anyways, it is not suggested to abandon iPhone4 as electronic waste.

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