Zeal is a Battery Management System for Your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

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Lots of people take their battery life seriously, and it goes without saying that Apple provides the bare minimum of battery health and information tools; it has often been up to jailbreak developers to fill in these gaps.

A new jailbreak tweak release called Zeal by iOS developers Rabih M. and Stijn aims to answer all the cries from battery sticklers that have yet to be answered by Apple. It provides both an informative battery management interface that you can invoke on demand to see more about how your battery is doing and conserve power.

Zeal is a Battery Management System for Your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

Once you invoke the interface, you get information about your current battery level. You should also take notice of the easy Low Power Mode toggle button, a display brightness slider, and the Control Center-like toggles right beneath it.

Your current battery capacity

Your current battery temperature

Your battery's maximum capacity

The number of charge cycles your battery has been through

The wear level of your battery

It's worth noting that this data is pulled directly from the battery, so these aren’t third-party algorithms; these are the statistics every battery monger wants to see!

Zeal is a Battery Management System for Your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

The Zeal banner

Another way to use the tweak is in banner mode. It’s a bit less informative and offers fewer features, but if you hate the way alerts get in the way of everything, then the banner mode provides a way to get back to what you’re doing without being as disturbed.

Among the things you’ll see are a Low Power Mode toggle button, a brightness slider, and your toggle buttons. Unlike with the alert view, you don’t get to see all the detailed information about your battery, which is a little disappointing. The banner-style interface is the minimalist option between the two available modes that Zeal comes with.

Configuring Zeal

Once you’re configured, you’re ready to start using Zeal; just use the Activator action you chose, and you should see one interface or the other (depending on what you chose).


Zeal is an incredible release, and if you’re one to keep a keen eye on your battery to make sure you’re getting as much up-time as you feel you should get, then this is a must-have for you.

If you want to give Zeal a try for yourself, you can download it for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repository. The tweak supports all jailbroken devices running iOS 9 and 10.

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