How to Solve the Issue that Cydia Has A GPG Error?

2016-11-10 4914 Posted by 3uTools

Currently, a lot of Apple users have met with the problem that they could see a GPG error: http://cydia.zodttd.com stable Release… in Cydia. Many people may think there is something wrong with Cydia, please don’t worry too much about this issue. This tutorial aims to introduce two methods for you to solve this issue that Cydia has a GPG error, waiting & ignoring this error or deleting the Plug-in projects. 

How to Solve the Issue that Cydia Has A GPG Error?

Method one: Waiting & ignoring this error.

This error is a temporary problem. Please ignore it if this issue has no effect on installing jailbreak plugins.

Method Two: Deleting the Plug-in projects.

Please open the Cydia of your iPhone and click the option “Sources”, then you can find the option”ZodTTD & MacCiti”. Please click this option and delete it.

How to Solve the Issue that Cydia Has A GPG Error?

What is the effect of deleting ZodTTD?

ZodTTD is mainly used to provide some theme sources for games and emulator games in the early days. It includes a lot of oversized installation packages, but these installation packages are slow to update , so you can delete the useless installation packages. If needed, you can install them again. 


How to reinstall ZodTTD?

Please open the Cydia of iPhone→click the option” More Package Sources”→click the option “ZodTTD”→click the button”Ok”, then you can reinstall the plugin “ ZodTTD”.

How to Solve the Issue that Cydia Has A GPG Error?

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