How to Unlock iPhone6’s Carrier Lock?

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Apple iPhone has network lock(carrier lock), icloud lock and screen lock. The network lock/carrier lock is used to limit users to choose carrier. If your iPhone has a network lock, that means your iPhone has its specialized carrier. If you want to change a new SIM card on your iPhone, you need to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone. Only in this way can you use an iPhone with another carrier’s SIM card.

iPhone without network lock refers to the iPhone which has been officially unlock.  
Such as the Apple iPhone Hong Kong version and the Apple iPhone UAE (United Arab Emirates) version. 

Users can use a SIM card from any carrier on an iPhone without lock. The SIM card can help you successfully activate your iPhone and you can normally use your iPhone. iPhone without lock can be upgraded to any version, and you don’t have to consider how to decode signals. You just need to jailbreak it and you don’t have to unlock it. 

How to Unlock iPhone6’s Carrier Lock?

This tutorial for unlocking iPhone6’s network lock can be available for all international Apple users:

* You need to contact Sprint customer service center, then tell the office staff that your iPhone is a full price iPhone to be unlocked.

* But the office staff may tell you that you need to firstly use Sprint service for ninety days according to the Sprint international rules. And then, they can help you out.

* The product version of iPhone from Apple retail stores is A1533. “V” is short for Verizon.

* iDevice purchased from Apple retail stores or Verizon has no lock, and the contracted iPhone from versions also has no lock.

* V-Mobile iDevice without lock can support VerizonAT & T-Mobile carrier.

* Sprint iDevice hasn’t been tested and verified.


How to unlock your iPhone’s carrier lock?

You need to call AT&T customer service center firstly. When the office staff help you unlock your iPhone, you need to offer your invoice and IMEI number. This process generally takes one or two weeks. What’s more, please tell them that your iPhone is a full price iPhone.  



* iDevice purchased from Apple retail stores or Apple official website belongs to full price iDevice, and this kind of iDevice has no lock.  

* iDevice purchased from T-Mobile has lock.

* iDevice purchased from “RadioShackTargetWalMartBestBuy”has lock.

* T-Mobile iDevice without lock can use both AT and T-mobile carrier SIM cards.

* When you get a T-Mobile iDevice without lock, please don’t use its default T-Mobile SIM card to activate your iPhone.

For the sake of security, you’d better take the default SIM card out before your iPhone is turned on.


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