iOS 13 to Release Next Month: iPhone 6s and Later

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iOS 13 to Release Next Month: iPhone 6s and Later

Apple unveiled the next version of iOS at its yearly developer’s conference WWDC in June. One of the most notable additions is the “Dark Mode” for which the crowd went berserk at the keynote. Apart from the visual additions, iOS 13 offers a significant amount of improvement in terms of performance.

TThe dark mode in iOS 13 offers a dramatic change to the way iOS has looked since the Jony Iverevamp in 2013. It can be easily toggled from the brightness setting in Control Center. It can also be set to automatically turned-on in the night time. Dark mode goes easy on the eyes as the amount of light produced is low, especially on OLED panels found on the iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. 

iOS 13 to Release Next Month: iPhone 6s and Later

Improved Performance

iOS 13 also greatly improves the general performance of iPhones; tasks like opening apps takes half the amount of time compared to iOS 12. The improvement can specifically be seen in older iPhones like the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S which were released as far as four years ago. Also, apps on the App Store will be updated to be packaged in smaller sizes, so the apps will download and install faster.

Apple is playing catch-up in some cases with the addition of features like “swipe keyboard” and 360 field of view in Apple Maps which is similar to the feature Google has been offering for years now. However, a great new addition for wireless audio users is the ability to pair two set of AirPods to a single iPhone which enables listening to the same content.

iOS 13 to Release Next Month: iPhone 6s and Later

The next iPhone is expected to be released in the first or second week of September and that’s usually when Apple releases the new version of iOS to the public. The free iOS 13 update will be pushed to the following devices- 

  • iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus (A9 chip)

  • iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus (A10 Fusion chip)

  • iPhone 8, iPhone X (A11 Bionic chip)

  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max (A12 Bionic chip) 

The iPad users will enjoy a different operating system this year. Apple released iPadOS which is tailored to work with tablets – allowing the iPad to do more than just be a great netbook.

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