Twitter Teases New Features for iOS

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Twitter Teases New Features for iOS

Twitter held an event with the press this afternoon detailing some of the features it’s currently testing. The Verge reports that those features include things like Live Photos support on iOS, following specific topics, and more.

Many of the features announced by Twitter today were already detailed by social media researchers such as Jane Manchun Wong. Nonetheless, it’s nice to get a roadmap from Twitter itself on the features it’s planning.

One of the biggest new features teased by Twitter today includes the ability to follow specific topics. Twitter says that users will be able to follow topics including spots, celebrities, TV shows, and more – allowing you to see a selection of tweets about such topics in your timeline.

According to Twitter, support for following topics is currently being tested Android with the ability to follow sporting teams and events.

Twitter is also testing the ability for users to create lists for specific interests:

In a different test, Twitter is exploring letting users set up separate lists within the app to follow their individual interests. In a demonstration, a product manager mixed keywords and some individual accounts to create a new list adjacent to the home feed and accessible via swiping. “We think that altogether this will make Twitter a more powerful interest platform,” said Wally Gurzynski, a product manager at the company.

One notable new feature that Twitter has also confirmed today is support for Live Photos. This was first suggested back in March, and the company acknowledged the test today. It’s still unclear when Live Photos support might roll out via the Twitter app, though. When available, this would let you view and post Live Photos in the Twitter app.

Other new features teased by Twitter today include support for searching direct messages and the ability to re-order photos in a tweet.

Twitter also announced today that it is officially testing the ability to snooze notifications for a specific amount of time, as discovered last week.

As for that edit button, Twitter says it’s something it should “probably build at some point, but it’s not at the top of our priority list.”

Source: 9to5mac

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