Apple Marches in San Francisco Pride Parade

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As it has done in years past, Apple yesterday marched in the annual San Francisco Pride parade, which is one of the bigger Pride events in the country and sees nearly 100,000 spectators during the event. Apple employees appeared in the parade with a large sign that showcased a rainbow version of the Apple logo. 

Apple Marches in San Francisco Pride Parade

Apple CEO Tim Cook was in attendance, as seen in a few selfies taken during the parade with fans and fellow Apple employees. A few other Apple executives marked the event as well, including Apple's new retail chief Deirdre O'Brien. 

Apple Marches in San Francisco Pride Parade

Apple has celebrated Pride in multiple ways this year, including the launch of the new Apple Watch Pride Sport Loop earlier in June. The new watch band is the third iteration of the Pride design for the Apple Watch, following two rainbow-emblazoned Woven Nylon Pride bands that released in 2017 and 2018. 

The company also routinely donates to charities that support LGBTQ individuals, and Cook himself is set to receive GLSEN's "Champion Award" for his ongoing commitment to fighting for LGBTQ rights. Cook recently stated, "I am grateful to GLSEN for this honor and for all their work to ensure the LGBTQ community is treated with dignity and respect." 

Apple Marches in San Francisco Pride Parade

Apple has long voiced support for LGBTQ causes like same-sex marriage, as well as having spoken out against some controversial laws that predominantly risked negatively affecting the lives of gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals. 

Before he publicly came out as gay in late 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook fought for equality in speeches and op-eds. Under late CEO Steve Jobs, Apple also opposed many discriminatory laws, including 2008's Proposition 8 that sought to eliminate the right to same-sex marriage in California. 

Source: MacRumors

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