Apple Will Repair 2018 MacBook Airs for Free

2019-07-01 344 Posted by 3uTools

Apple Will Repair 2018 MacBook Airs for Free

A “very small number” of Apple’s 2018 MacBook Air computers suffer from an issue with their logic boards, and the company will replace the components for free, according to documents seen by 9to5Mac.

The site reveals that certain 13-inch Retina screen 2018 MacBook Air models have an issue with their logic boards. The documentation reportedly only says that the issue relates to power, and 9to5Mac found that some users have complained about their devices not turning on.

The company will reportedly be emailing customers of affected devices, directing them to take them to their nearest Apple Store or authorized dealer to be inspected. If Apple’s personnel find that there is an issue, it will replace the logic board for free for four years after the device was originally purchased.

Source: theverge

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