Apple Shares Stunning New ‘Cascade’ Experiments Video

2019-06-24 330 Posted by 3uTools

Apple Shares Stunning New ‘Cascade’ Experiments Video

Apple this weekend has continued its popular Shot on iPhone “Experiments” series. This is the third video in the series, entitled “Cascade.” Apple has also shared a video offering a behind the scenes look at the creation of the Experiments video.

The “Cascade” video was shot on iPhone XS by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite in collaboration with WET, and was commissioned by Apple. The video offers incredibly close-up looks at water in a variety of different environments, showcasing the potential of the iPhone XS camera. The video shows off features such as slo-mo, 4K, and more.

Let your mind wander with our newest experiments. Commissioned by Apple. #ShotoniPhone by Donghoon Jun and James Thornton of Incite in collaboration with WET. Shot on iPhone XS. Song: “Watercolors” by mmph

Apple continues to use its Shot on iPhone name as a way to market the iPhone XS camera. Last year, we saw an Experiments video showing how Apple used water, fire, metal and light to create mesmerizing scenes using 4K, slo-mo, and time-lapse.

Watch the “Cascade” video as well as the behind the scenes video below.

Source: 9to5mac

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