iOS 13 Warns If You Delete a Subscribing App

2019-06-18 265 Posted by 3uTools

iOS 13 Warns If You Delete a Subscribing App

Apple has taken several steps over the last year to make users more aware of the subscriptions they’ve signed up for on iOS. Now, with iOS 13, Apple will warn users when they delete an app that still has an active subscription.

As first spotted by Federico Viticci on Twitter, when you delete an app on iOS 13, you’ll see a pop up explaining your subscription options. Apple notes that even if you delete the app, your subscription will remain active and can still be used on other devices.

The notification also gives you the ability to quickly jump to the Manage Subscriptions interface where you can cancel that subscription.

Do you want to keep your subscription for this app?

Your subscription to MLB At Bat can still be used on other devices. It will automatically renew on Jun 28th, 2019 unless cancelled at least a day before.”

Earlier this year, Apple made a change in the subscription signup process, making it harder for a user to accidentally commit to a subscription. Also this year, Apple revamped its documentation for app subscriptions, outlining that users should be clearly presented with billing amounts.

Apple released the second iOS 13 beta today. Read our full roundup of everything new right here.

Source: 9to5mac

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