The Swipe Keyboard in iOS 13 Is a Useful New Addition

2019-06-12 343 Posted by 3uTools

The Swipe Keyboard in iOS 13 Is a Useful New Addition

After years of competing platforms offering a similar experience, Apple finally added a new swipe keyboard option with iOS 13. Branded as QuickPath, the new gesture-based keyboard is available directly from the system keyboard. Here’s how it works.

Coupled with the QuickType bar on iOS, the QuickPath keyboard is particularly useful. iOS is able to recognize your swipes, offer suggestions through the QuickType bar, and help you auto-complete your sentences.

Gesture-based keyboards have existed on iOS through third-party apps for several years. Using one of those keyboards, however, requires swapping system keyboards on a regular basis if you want to access the first-party iOS keyboard and features like dictation.

Because Apple has now brought its own first-party QuickPath swipe keyboard to iOS, there’s no need to switch between different keyboards to access dictation, the new Memoji picker, and more. As usual, it feels like the integration between the QuickPatch swipe keyboard and the rest of iOS is what sets it apart from other similar typing experiences from third-party options on iOS.

Here’s the new QuickPath keyboard in action:

The Swipe Keyboard in iOS 13 Is a Useful New Addition

Personally, I’ve found myself really enjoying the new QuickPath keyboard in iOS 13. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s incredibly useful for quick messages and one-handed typing, especially on bigger devices like the iPhone XS Max.

Source: 9to5mac

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