This Is the New Volume Indicator in iOS 13

2019-06-05 481 Posted by 3uTools

This Is the New Volume Indicator in iOS 13

iOS 13 finally includes a redesigned volume HUD. The new volume slider sits on the left side of the screen where the volume up and down buttons are. It first shows as a big bulbous slider, but then shrinks down to a more discreet thin line.

The volume HUD had become the butt of many jokes in the iOS community as the old UI was a large square overlay that covered the center of the display. The new look is smaller and shrinks down to an even smaller presentation after a beat.

This Is the New Volume Indicator in iOS 13

The new UI is interactable. In addition to the volume buttons, once the volume HUD is visible, you can drag it up and down with your finger — reminiscent of the slider in Control Center.

When the phone is in landscape, the volume slider appears in the middle of the top of the screen.

Source: 9to5mac

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