Siri Is Getting a New Voice in iOS 13

2019-06-04 253 Posted by 3uTools

Siri Is Getting a New Voice in iOS 13

Siri is getting a new voice in iOS 13, Apple announced onstage at WWDC 2019, with the company employing new “Neural text to speech” technology to make the virtual assistant sound much more natural.

Unlike the old version of Siri, the iOS 13 voice is entirely generated by software, instead of using audio clips from voice actors. In a brief demo shown onstage, the new voice does seem to do a better job at actually pronouncing words, especially ones that are more complicated (like “thermodynamics”). The new voice is also better at longer sentences, stressing syllables more accurately than the older version.

The improved Siri voice should be rolling out across Apple’s various devices, including iPhone and iPad, HomePod, CarPlay, and more when the software updates release — presumably later this year.

Source: MacWorld

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