India Has the World's 4th Highest Price for Apple Device

2019-05-29 396 Posted by 3utTools

India Has the World's 4th Highest Price for Apple Device

NEW DELHI: If you are looking for the best rate for an iPhone, India is not the ideal country. A new report has found that the price of iPhone XS in India is the fourth highest in the world. 

At $1,635, the cost of iPhone XS in India is less only when compared to Brazil, Turkey and Argentina, said the report from Deutsche Bank. 

"Don't lose or damage your iPhone on holiday in Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, India or Greece as iPhones are 25-65 per cent more expensive than in the US - still the cheapest place to buy outside of Nigeria which we can't quite explain," said the "Mapping the World's Prices 2019" report from Deutsche Bank. 

The report revealed that iPhones are cheaper in Bangladesh than in India. 

Apart from iPhones, the survey gives an account of the price differences of things like hotel rentals, gas price and haircuts among others. 

Haircuts in Copenhagen, Oslo and Zurich are 10-15 times as expensive as in Dhaka, Bengaluru, Manila and Cairo, the findings showed. 

"For those living in Singapore, Copenhagen or Oslo, you are actively discouraged from buying a new car as policy makes it extraordinarily expensive. So maybe walk or ride a bike more there," said the report. 

London has the most expensive public transport in the world and is also the most costly place to hire a car, according to the survey. 

Source: indiatimes

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