New lawsuit Alleges Patent Infringement by All Wi-Fi-enabled Apple Products

2019-04-12 199 Posted by 3uTools

A company called Red Rock Analytics in a new lawsuit charges that Apple is infringing a patent covering transceiver technology in Wi-Fi chips.

New lawsuit Alleges Patent Infringement by All Wi-Fi-enabled Apple Products

The U.S. patent, No. 7,346,313 — "Calibration of I-Q Balance in Transceivers" — was issued to Red Rock in March 2008, and any Apple product compatible with 802.11n or later is in violation, according to a complaint submitted through a U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. That district is a notorious venue for patent lawsuits, since it has relatively little other traffic and its judges are thought to be friendly to patent holders.

Red Rock is asking for an injunction against further infringement, along with attorney fees and damage compensation, including pre- and post-judgment interest. 

Details about Red Rock are otherwise difficult to come by, except that the firm officially operates out of Swampscott, Mass. It previously launched an Eastern District lawsuit against Samsung over the same patent, court documents say, but the state of that case is uncertain. Samsung did file a countersuit.

A notable inaccuracy in the Red Rock v. Apple submission is that it identifies Apple's "principal place of business" as 1 Infinite Loop — the company's official corporate address was switched to Apple Park in Feb. 2018.

Source: appleinsider 

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