First iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Drop Test Hits YouTube

2018-10-29 3509 Posted by 3uTools

YouTube channel EverythingApplePro put the iPhone XR to a drop test against its older sibling, the iPhone 8.

First iPhone XR vs iPhone 8 Drop Test Hits YouTube

Both the iPhone XR and iPhone 8 were dropped from a variety of heights, ranging from waist high, face high and up to 10 feet from a ladder.

The iPhone 8 met its death from a face-down drop at a face high height, with the screen shattering. The iPhone XR survived drops from waist high, face high, 8 feet and even 10 feet. It only shattered the front after the second drop from 10 feet.

EverythingApplePro says the iPhone XR has “durability magic” and “feels like a very tough phone.” At the end of the tests, he said the iPhone XR is “ridiculously durable”, admitting he believes it is stronger than an iPhone XS and its stainless steel sides.

While these drop tests are unscientific in nature, it does provide a quick glimpse of what can happen to your iPhone XR if you happen to drop it onto concrete without a case on.

Source: iphoneincanada

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