More Buyers Prefer Apple’s Latest iPhones than in the Past

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More Buyers Prefer Apple’s Latest iPhones than in the Past

Buyers were slow to buy when the latest line of iPhones first launched. But new market research shows today’s shopper is more likely to slap down a credit card for a new model than the previous cycle.

The findings from the group M Science are in line with figures showing the popularity of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The iPhone 8, in fact, recently surpassed the iPhone X as Apple’s hottest selling handset.

M Science tracks monthly sell-through of iPhones across the globe and gathers data from mobile-device activations.

Sales of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus started off slow last year. Some analysts speculated buyers waited for the release of the iPhone X before making a decision. Apple is expected to release three new phones this fall.

According to the M Science report, iPhone 8 and X sales grew 3 percent in May compared to the iPhone 7 lineup for May 2017.

More Buyers Prefer Apple’s Latest iPhones than in the Past

“New-device sales accelerated further over the most recent four weeks in our data, with sales up 14 percent versus the iPhone 7-series a year ago,” the report said. “Ultimately, weekly sales trends are subject to high levels of variability, but should this trend continue, it could power total device sell-through into positive territory for the full quarter.”

The report also showed a 5 percent dip in legacy device sales, like the iPhone SE or iPhone 6s. But the iPhone 6 is a different story. It seems to be sticking around.

M Science said the 2014 phone represented 5 and 10 percent of global sell-through in May. The device is selling well with prepaid carriers and is a low-cost phone in emerging markets.

A separate M Science report showed people are holding onto their iPhones longer. According to the website Market Watch M Science found the average holding period for a phone is 727 days, up from 667 days during the 2014-2015 “super cycle.”

Many may be holding on longer because the phones work fine or they were purchased on a two-year loan through a carrier.

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