When will iOS9.2.1 Beta 2 be released?

2016-01-05 2659 Posted by 3uTools

When will iOS9.2.1 Beta 2 be released?

When will iOS9.2.1 Beta 2 be released?  

iOS9.2.1 beta1 has just been released two weeks ago, but some iOS users would like to know when the iOS 9.2.1 beta 2 would come out. In general the Apple pushes an update for the latest iOS version every week sometimes, but it’s uncertain that the company sticks to this habit all the time.


As to the latest iOS9.2.1 beta 1, many users want to experience it but don't know whether it is worthy of upgrading. Next we will learn some more details about the iOS9.2.1 beta 1. And then you can make a choice according to your own special requirements.


The iOS 9.2.1 beta 1, code name “13D11”, has just realized some performance improvements, stronger operating stability as well as bug fixes.


The group of iOS users who have participated in the “plan of Apple Beta software” can upgrade your iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, to iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 via iTunes or 3uTools. It’s required to note that there are no significant differences between iOS9.2.1 beta 1and iOS 9.2.


When will iOS 9.2.1 be released officially?

It looks that the Apple has accelerated the speed of updating the iOS version since iOS 9. Normally there is no more than two months apart between the public beta version and official version of iOS. For example, the release date of iOS 9.1 beta1 is September 10, the iOS 9.1 was officially released on October 22, iOS 9.2 beta1 was pushed on October 30, and the iOS9.2 was officially released at the beginning of December.


iOS 9.2.1 beta 1 was pushed on December 18, and thus it’s estimated that iOS 9.2.1 will be officially released in January, 2016 in consideration of the 8-day holiday for Apple’s employees.

By the way, if you want to downgrade your iOS devcie from iOS9.2.1 beta1 to iOS9.2, you can realize it using 3uTools which supports iOS 4.0-9.2.1 flashing and iOS4.0- 9.0.2 untethered jailbreak.

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