The Worst Things About iOS 10.2

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After a length beta period that included seven different beta releases, Apple finally released iOS 10.2 to the public earlier last week. While iOS 10.2 isn’t a major iOS release, it packs a number of important security fixes along with some great new features. We already covered the best new updates in iOS 10.2 last week 

Sadly, Apple’s iOS 10.2 update wasn’t all sunshine and roses for many users. In this post, we’ll cover the worst problems in iOS 10.2.

First, there are a number of outlier issues that aren’t common, but that some people have reported experiencing after updating their iPhones and iPads to iOS 10.2. A quick scan of social media yields a number of complaints surrounding iOS devices that won’t stop rebooting, won’t connect to iTunes, won’t uninstall apps, and won’t unlock with Touch ID following an update to iOS 10.2. Thankfully, those issues seem to be rare cases and are not widespread.

The Worst Things About iOS 10.2

There are other issues that aren’t isolated cases, however.

Battery Life: The biggest complaint following Apple’s iOS 10.2 update is that users who were experiencing problems with battery life on their iPhones have not seen those issues resolved in iOS 10.2. In fact, many users are reporting that these problems have only gotten worse with the update.

EarPods issue: Another aggravating bug that hasn’t yet been fixed in iOS 10.2 is the EarPods issue that people have been complaining about since September. Some people report that they cannot hear any sound through the EarPods during calls, while others say the mic constantly cuts out.

Speaking of Audio Issues: Many people are reporting that Bluetooth audio constantly cuts out and gets choppy on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. You know, the phones that have no 3.5mm headphone jack because the future is wireless. The severity of this bug seems to change depending on the user’s physical surroundings, so it may have to do with interference. Hopefully Apple gets this one fixed soon.

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