Apple Rejects Samsung Pay App for iOS

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Apple Rejects Samsung Pay App for iOS

Samsung has decided to abandon its attempt to bring its mobile payment service to iOS after Apple rejected the company’s new Samsung Pay Mini app.

The app would have allowed users to checkout with Samsung Pay when shopping online on their iPhone, but Samsung says it will now focus exclusively on Android.

Apple famously has a habit of rejecting apps that compete with its own software and services. There was a time when it wouldn’t even allow third-party web browsers and email clients on iOS. Its rules are a little more relaxed now, but it seems there’s no room for Apple Pay rivals.

Without explanation, the Cupertino company has rejected the new Samsung Pay Mini app for iOS. Although the app would not have allowed users to enjoy Samsung Pay in retail stores as an alternative to Apple Pay, it would made Samsung Pay an option when shopping online.

“After Apple rejected registration of Samsung Pay Mini onto its App Store, we have decided to focus on smartphones with Android OS,” a representative for Samsung told ETNews.

It’s unclear whether Apple gave Samsung a reason for the rejection, but it’s thought the company wants to keep Samsung Pay “in check.” Of course, Samsung could sue Apple if its only reasons are competitive ones, but there is a possibility the app also infringes Apple’s policies.

Samsung Pay is currently available in a number of markets that aren’t yet served by Apple Pay, including South Korea, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Thailand.

It is also the only mobile payment service that supports Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology, which allows it to be used in stores that use traditional credit card readers without the need for NFC.

Source: Cult of Mac 

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