Are Apple iPhones About to Get Cheaper? Leak Suggests Price Cut for 2018 Model

2018-03-09 2520 Posted by 3uTools

Apple is predicted to release three iPhones this year, with the cheapest of the lot expected to cost as little as £467.

The mid-range device is tipped to be a pared-down version of the iPhone X, complete with cost-cutting features like an LCD screen (instead of the sharper OLED display found on Apple's flagship).

According to a report from Taiwan's Economic Daily News, the handset will cost between  $649 to $749 (£467 to £539).

That's around half the price of Apple's £999 iPhone X, and even cheaper than the £799 iPhone 8 Plus.

In reality however, Brits would probably expect to pay closer to £599-£649 for a $649 Apple iPhone, due to how international pricing works.

In addition, the new handset's 6.1-inch display is mooted to be larger than the iPhone 8 Plus, and boast FaceID face-scanning tech (currently only available on the iPhone X).

Are Apple iPhones About to Get Cheaper? Leak Suggests Price Cut for 2018 Model

But, in order to make it cheaper, Apple will supposedly forego a dual-lens camera in favour of a single-lens snapper, which means lower-quality pics.

It could also have aluminium edges, instead of stainless steel, and a glass back.

The device is expected to be unveiled alongside the iPhone X2 and X2 Plus in September, according to renowned Apple boffin Ming-Chi Kuo.

Analyst Daniel Ives of GBH Insights is also convinced that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone this year, as reports suggest.

"We expect a mid-range iPhone launch as one of the three releases slated for 2018 with more palpable price points in the $700 range," he told The Sun.

He added: "We expect 2 OLED phones and 1 LCD device over the next six months, with a high-end iPhone X successor still in the $1,000 price range.

"[Apple] had modest success with the iPhone X, but they need lower price points to capture consumers that are not going to spend $1,000 for a phone.

"We would be shocked not to see lower price points on the next iPhone release."

The last time Apple released a cheaper device, the £469 iPhone 5C, it was hailed as a flop.

The unashamedly plastic phone also dumped a bunch of premium features, but cost a measly £80 less than the high-end, £549 iPhone 5S.

If the latest report is true, Apple may have learned from its mistakes, and could finally nail the mid-range category.

Source: thesun

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