Music Apple on-line 17 Months Has Attracted 20 Million Users

2016-12-08 1222 Posted by 3uTools

Business Worldwide Music's latest report noted that Music Apple on the line 17 months later, the number of its subscribers has reached 20 million. However, growth data is still not compared with the Spotify.

In September of this year's iPhone 7 conference, Apple Corp said the number of users to pay Apple Music for 17 million people, that is to say in the past three months, the number of Apple subscribers increased by 3 million.

Business Worldwide Music said Apple's official also confirmed that the latest data. Although apple is able to achieve such a short period of time such a milestone, but compared to Apple, Music Spotify the number of users is still a little less. Only in 2016 Spotify paid subscribers increased by about 12 million, so that the number of Spotify users from the end of last year, 28 million growth to 40 million this year.

Music Apple on-line 17 Months Has Attracted 20 Million Users

The number of users of Music Apple growth is 10 million, from the end of last year, 10 million growth to 20 million this year. The number of Spotify users can have such a big growth, mainly because they spare no effort to launch a relatively low price of the package, but the use of these packages may be a lot of users can not enjoy the service functions and characteristics, and in such a way as to the whole music industry is not what good.

Although the recent news that the Apple Corp Apple consider reducing the price of Music, but so far, Apple has not made any adjustment, single user package is $9.99, the family package is $14.99, $4.99 student users. But the recent launch of the package for students has been expanded to more market.

In fact, compared with Apple, Music Spotify has a certain advantage. Because it is directly integrated in the music application of apple, but this application is just the application of iPhone pre installed, the user in setting up a new iPhone, the system will prompt the user to set using Apple Music. Spotify does not have this advantage, so it is worthwhile to choose another way to promote their services. 2017 is expected to continue to grow Music Apple.

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