Apple Could Change the Refunding Policy in App Store

2016-12-07 1451 Posted by 3uTools

Did you remembered we have written a tip about how to get a refund for Apple Store purchases. Many users have tried and got refunds easily using our tutorial, maybe it will be hard if Apple change refund policy in later versions.

Recently, Apple has received some complaints from many developers, that refunding policy in Apple store has been abused for a long time, this phenomenon effects legal rights of app developers. And more and more developers expecting of Apple responds officially or gives a solution in Apple Store as soon as possible. 3uTools got some information from our developer channels that Apple could change the refunding policy to handle those abusing problems, for instance, Apple needs to inform developers or merchants when user submit and apply a refund in Apple Store.


Apple Could Change the Refunding Policy in App Store


Apple was said, they will refuse to refund users, if Apple have found any proof contains abusing refund,cheating or submitting other opposite complains in Apple Store. Actually,Apple has announced in September, services and contents which are provided in Apple Store not suitable for 7 days unconditional refund in Consumer Protection Act. That is Apple have canceled the original probation period for 7 days in Apple store.


The most important thing for developers is know who apple the refund ,so that they can know more detail and protect their own rights. 3uTools will update related news, please follow us.





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