Apple’s Latest iPhone AD is Called ‘Romeo and Juliet’ And Showcases the iPhone 7 Camera

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Apple’s Latest iPhone AD is Called ‘Romeo and Juliet’ And Showcases the iPhone 7 Camera

As we head into the holiday season, Apple is continuing to push its latest iPhone 7 lineup. This evening, the company shared a new advertisement highlighting the dual-camera capabilities of the iPhone 7 Plus and its real-world applications.

The ad starts by showing a professionally shot clip of kids reenacting Romeo and Juliet. The video then cuts away to show that what we’re actually seeing is a school production of the play with a parent proudly video taping their child in the play.

The parent is using an iPhone 7 Plus to record the play and is seen using the zoom capability of the built-in Camera app to get a closer shot of the scene.

Apple closes the ad with a pair of tag lines. First, the company touts that “Your movies look like movies on iPhone 7,” implying that the iPhone 7 Plus is capable of studio-like camera capabilities. Apple closes the ad completely, however, with the “practically magic’ tagline that it has used for the iPhone 7 in the past.

The new ad comes following Apple’s annual holiday ad, which this year was called “Frankie’s Holiday” and showed an iPhone-toting Frankenstein. This was notable because Apple’s holiday ad has traditionally focused on a wide array of its products, not just an iPhone.

Today’s new ad can be seen below. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

Please click here to watch the complete ads.

Source: BGR

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