iOS 12 Won’t Bring A Massive Visual Overhaul After All

2018-01-31 2421 Posted by 3uTools

Apple has decided to bench its impending visual overhaul for iOS, so it can focus its attention on addressing performance and quality issues, it has been revealed.

The firm’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi announced the revised plan during a meeting that took place at Apple Park earlier this month.

A number of new features have been postponed, including a revised iPhone home screen and an updated CarPlay interface, while Apple focuses on making iOS more responsive.

iOS 12 Won’t Bring A Massive Visual Overhaul After All

It’s looking like iOS 12 will bundle at least a couple of new features, though.

Axios has reason to believe that the Cupertino company will introduce some ARKit improvements in the upcoming build, as well as a couple of fresh health and parental control tools.

Sure, it doesn’t sound as exciting as a complete overhaul – but based on the current unpredictable state of iOS, prioritising performance is the right thing to do.

It’s worth noting that Federighi’s decision won’t affect the release of iOS 11.3, which is scheduled to start rolling out to all compatible iPhone models sometime in the spring.

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