iOS 10.2 Beta 6 out for Developers and Public Testers Now

2016-12-06 617 Posted by 3uTools

Apple just released the sixth beta of iOS 10.2, which is now available for developers and folks who are participating in the public beta test. We’re definitely nearing the final release of iOS 10.2. Apple released the fifth beta of iOS 10.2 just three days ago, on Friday, which means Apple is either squashing bugs at a rapid rate, or pleased with the stability of each release.

iOS 10.2 Beta 6 out for Developers and Public Testers Now

It’s worth noting that Apple typically releases the public preview a day after the developer beta, too. Since they’re both out today, it again suggests to me that things are started to look a bit more polished (though the releases are typically the same.) I’m guessing we’ll the see the final release within a couple of weeks, if not much sooner, assuming all goes well with this release.

iOS 10.2 will include Apple’s new TV application, a feature that was announced during Apple’s MacBook Pro event in the fall. It’ll allow you to search through various third-party applications (though not Netflix or Amazon Prime) for streaming video content. It’ll also include new Messages effects, emoji and more.


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