Saurik Provides a Update on Cydia and Substrate for iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

2018-01-08 3789 Posted by 3uTools

We have been eagerly waiting for Jay Freeman aka saurik to release Cydia, which is currently not compatible with iOS 11 ever since Jonathan Levin aka Morpheus_ released LiberiOS jailbreak, the first jailbreak for iOS 11 and iPhone X.

Saurik has now clarified that change in date was because he was “extracting a bunch of old Substrate packages–which he did directly into that folder ;P–to verify some historical change to its runtime library dependencies”. It wasn’t because he was preparing to release Cydia. He mentioned it while reverting to a thread on reddit about coolstar managing to get injection into @launchderp working on iOS 11.

However, he has also revealed that he is almost done making Cydia Substrate compatible iOS 11.

Saurik Provides a Update on Cydia and Substrate for iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak

I have been working on putting together an end-to-end replacement for the userland parts of the exploit tooling–with help from a well-known jailbreak developer (who did tell me he would like to come public with this, so I will be crediting him in the final release and you will all find out who it is… “SURPRISE REVEAL” ;P)–that, when combined with my crazy new Substrate “let’s hook dyld itself” implementation, simply fixes all of the reasons why this “jailbreakd” that coolstar and Morpheus want so badly supposedly needs to exist.

The architecture without the “jailbreakd” is much cleaner: it means that there isn’t some weird coordination boundary halfway between Substrate and the jailbreak; and the runtime stability will be a lot better: what people seem to want “jailbreakd” to do involves walking through data structures in the kernel–without the locks required to do that, and in a “slow” manner from userspace (increasing the likelihood of various race conditions)–every time processes spawn and Subtrate has to manage code injection.

He has also got Cydia Substrate to work on some test devices. However, he still has some work to do to get Cydia Installer stack ported to iOS 11. He explains:

(Annoyingly, then I still have some work to do to get the full Cydia Installer stack ported. One issue there in particular–which I am surprised that no one has pointed at as a problem yet–is that choosing to not bypass the sandbox means we are stuck in a world of increasingly narrowed Unix functionality. Basic things like “hash-bang support for interpreters, to replace a binary with a shell script” don’t work on iOS 11 without a sandbox bypass, due to “process-exec-interpreter”.

I sort of have a plan for working around that, but the reality is that we are reaching an era of jailbreak where “look: this thing is every bit as functional as a real computer, and so it deserves real and high-quality tooling… the same stuff we use on our Linux hardware” is no longer a true statement, which I personally find depressing, and which had been the core thing that motivated me to jailbreak my own devices as well as create Cydia in the first place. Like, the best case scenario here is starting to look like we are going in the direction of a cygwin-like Unix simulation/fixup layer. sigh :/)

Let us hope he can fix all the issues and release Cydia for iOS 11 – iOS 11.1.2 Jailbreak soon. We will keep you posted as soon as we get more information so stay tuned here 

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