Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Still Huge Differences

2017-12-22 1936 Posted by 3uTools

There are still huge differences between Apple Maps and Google Maps. The cartographer Justin O'Beirne describes in an extremely thorough and readable essay on his blog the development of mapping data from Apple and Google over time.

O'Beirne has been involved in Apple Maps and has spoken at the Google I / O conference on cartography design.

Since the introduction of Apple Maps in 2012, there has been repeated criticism of the quality and coverage of its map data. And although Apple's data has steadily improved since then, the new comparison shows how much more work is needed to one day surpass Google Maps.

Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Still Huge Differences

Google's massive competitive advantage

The comparison illustrates the massive competitive advantage that Google has created since launching Maps 2005 with its continuous data collection. The analysis goes into great detail and shows how Google has expanded its maps with building data since then, to an accuracy that extends down to tool sheds, garages, front staircases and vents.

Comparative screenshots show that Apple maps drastically fewer structures with mostly much less details.

Only Google with own satellite imagery

O'Beirne explains that Google creates these maps using his satellite imagery, while Apple apparently gets its data from a third-party vendor like TomTom, with far fewer details.

By building a robust data library in-house, Google has created a significant competitive advantage, which should play a major role in the future - for example, navigation data for self-driving cars. There is a lot of work to do here in front of Apple.

Source: itopnews

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