If You Invested $1,000 in Apple 10 years ago, Here’s How Much You’d Have Now

2017-12-04 3180 Posted by 3uTools

The cost of Apple's iPhone X debuted at a whopping $1,000. That's enough to see Billy Joel live in concert 10 times, spend nine days at Disneyland or take a cruise through the Caribbean.

If you invested that amount in Apple stock 10 years ago, you'd have $6,228 as of October 31 of this year — enough to buy the phone six times over, or to buy it once and still have room in your budget for a concert and a trip.

That's according to financial website How Much, which took a look at some popular stocks in 2007 to find out how much a $1,000 investment in each would be worth now. Of the companies it examined, Apple's performance fell short of only Netflix and Amazon.

In the graphic below, the blue dots are equivalent to a $1,000 initial investment, and the pink dots equal the investment's current total value.

If You Invested $1,000 in Apple 10 years ago, Here’s How Much You’d Have Now

"The larger the pink circle, the more your investment is worth," according to How Much. "If the pink fits inside the blue, then you lost money. The [graphic] assumes that you took any dividend paid out in cash and did not reinvest into the company by buying more stock."

Keep in mind that while stocks like Netflix, Amazon and Apple did well over the past 10 years, any individual stock can over- or under-perform, and past returns do not predict future results. If you're looking to get into the market, experienced investors like Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban and Tony Robbins suggest you start not by trying to pick individual stocks but with index funds.

Source: cnbc

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