iPhone X Now Shipping - Here's How To Get Tracking Info Early

2017-10-30 807 Posted by 3utools

Are you one of the lucky few that got an iPhone X in the first shipment due to be delivered this Friday, November 3? If so, your shipping information is available. Widely reported this morning by various iPhone and Apple fan forums, you can get your tracking number right now even if Apple hasn't sent it to you yet.

Grab the receipt from Apple that has your iPhone X order. Copy the order number, you'll need this to use as reference with UPS.

Then head to the UPS site and go to the Track Packages and Freight tab. Once there, the Track by Number widget is auto-expanded, ignore that and scroll down till you see Track by Reference.

iPhone X Now Shipping - Here's How To Get Tracking Info Early

Click the link and the Track by Reference widget will auto-expand. Enter the Order Number that you copied from your email in the Shipment Reference field. Then delete the last two numbers of the Order Number (you can also try using the phone number that is associated with your Apple Store account).

Select your Destination Country, enter a ZIP Code (if you have one) and click Track.

You should be rewarded with a screen with your actual UPS tracking number as well as the details of where your iPhone X is right now (hint, it's still in China).

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