Apple Firmly Believes that: Microsoft Touch Screen Surface is A Disaster

2016-11-16 2607 Posted by 3uTools

Both Apple and Microsoft have made an interesting attempt to compute the interactive experience. For example, as early as 2010, Steve Jobs said, even if the most advanced hardware into the traditional PC, still lacks excellent computing interactive experience. In this sentence, he leads Apple is now being promoted as "your next computer" mobile computing device iPad, known as the iPad is like "one hand control of the Internet, this is an incredible experience" and " .

Interestingly, Microsoft is also pursuing this incredible experience, that through the Surface Pne stylus, touch screen and Surface Dial creative input devices, and so a series of measures to represent the future of interactive experience. On the contrary, Apple Mac computers in their own product line, but insisted on using more traditional input. Even if Microsoft boasted the PC with a touch screen is how effective, Apple is only for the MacBook Pro is equipped with an OLED multi-touch bar only.

For the touch-screen Mac computer, Apple sniff at the present is almost unable to change the attitude. November 14, when Apple vice president of global marketing Phil - middot; Schiller in an interview with foreign media claimed that Apple does see the Mac device with a touch screen the possibility, but still insist on using the most traditional program, because That makes a lot of sense to the user.

Focusing on Schiller's intention to mock at Microsoft's approach, he described desktop PCs with touch screens as "a disaster" and pointed out that the ideal way for users of such devices to work still is the mouse and keyboard, rather than mixing Touch screen.

"You can imagine in a 27-inch iMac operation, your hand to reach out to a different location for precision touch operation is what?" That picture is ridiculous. "Schiller said.

Apple Firmly Believes that: Microsoft Touch Screen Surface is A Disaster

Apple that ridiculous, and Microsoft's argument is different

Microsoft's Surface Studio all-in-one is based on a touch-screen display that allows users to interact with the mouse, the keyboard, the Surface Pne, and the Surface Dial on a 28-inch screen. But for Apple, this is always an unworkable idea, firmly believe that users like the mouse and keyboard, because this is the workplace in the desk all-weather work in the most correct way.

Schiller insisted, do not expect Touch Bar touch bar in the near future to become the MacBook Touch Screen touch screen. In addition, he also hinted that Apple has not intended to use the Touch Bar to the iMac.

"Our intuition tells us that the Mac does not make any sense with the touchscreen, but it does not mean our intuition is wrong - mdash; & mdash; Our team spent several years conducting exploration and development in this area . Finally, we are fully sure Mac is not suitable for equipped with touch screen. Our intuition is right. & Rdquo;

Microsoft on the other hand, Microsoft hopes to rely on the traditional input method, but also to join the new touch, so in particular to create a new product category Surface Pro, Surface Book, and this year's Surface Studio.

Take Surface Studio, Microsoft said Surface Dial is the die-hard "one machine workstations" into a strong and most natural performance "digital canvas", so that each user can create a virtual environment can have a More immersive experience, so that creators are completely into the touch screen to the whole of the other parts of the device are completely ignored, or even forget that they are using a computer, which is completely different with the traditional input Experience.

Simply put, Microsoft hopes that the future of the device is, "what you want to do with it, it can do!" Rather than being limited by tradition. And Apple is not just to express the touch screen is still "superfluous" and find an excuse, also pointed out that Microsoft committed a fatal error, that is, "desktop operating system can not be applied to both touch input and mouse input. & Rdquo;

In short, the public that the public rational, Po said that the woman is reasonable. Apple and Microsoft are going in different directions, very interesting, but for the long silence of the desktop computing industry, it is not wrong, and may even be a new revolution in the beginning, who can laugh to the last, eating melon masses Quite looking forward.


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