Jony Ive Says iPhone X is Only the Beginning of a New Chapter in iPhone Development

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Jony Ive Says iPhone X is Only the Beginning of a New Chapter in iPhone Development

In a brief interview that took place at the iPhone X launch but has only been published this week, Apple’s design head Jony Ive said that while the new flagship phone represents the achievement of a long-held ambition, it is only the beginning.

Ive said that the iPhone X is a huge change in the design of the company’s smartphones …

Speaking to Japanese fashion and design site Brutus Casa, Ive said that Apple had been trying for many years to design what he has in the past described as ‘a single slab of glass.’

Before this, there was a feeling that individual components called enclosure (housing) and display existed. What we always wanted to do is tackle the essence of integrating what we considered different parts. Looking at the iPhone X from that perspective, I think that it took many years and finally we were able to achieve it.

He said that while in one sense the iPhone X represents the end-point of a long-term goal, it is also the beginning of a new phase of development.

We have a lot more big ideas and we are already working on them […] Rather than one ending of the iPhone, it is rather a new chapter and the beginning of its development.

Ive also spoke about the importance of Face ID, saying that having a device which recognizes you – and when you are paying attention to the phone – is more important than it might seem. He says that a key design goal is to focus on the function and have the form be almost invisible to the user. Replacing Touch ID with Face ID is one step toward the goal of removing conscious interaction with a device.

Asked whether there was pressure to realize the new design by the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, he agreed that there was, but claimed that ultimately it was a ‘wonderful coincidence.’

Well (laugh) just for the design team and engineer team! If you try to do a good job, there is always pressure. I understand that what is expected is a change, but what we are trying to keep in mind is always to do the best job, as much as possible.

[Given the years taken to develop the iPhone X] it was a truly wonderful coincidence.

Ive also spoke recently at the New Yorker TechFest, when he said that Apple will continue to be revolutionary.

Source: 9to5mac

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