Tencent Security Release FaceTime Video Fraud Warning: Do Not Accept the Invitation

2017-09-05 1527 Posted by 3uTools

September 4, Apple users on the network to reflect, recently encountered inexplicable ID call FaceTime, connected to lead to personal information disclosure and financial loss experience.

In this regard, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper security team issued an early warning today to confirm that such fraud does exist, the type of fraud on the principle of the analysis, and to provide users with the prevention of such fraud occurred.

Tencent mobile phone housekeeper security team said that on the recent similar phone FaceTime video fraud, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper security team has received the user's report, verified that there is the risk of recording the user's face video, once the fraud can be used for social fraud , Such as face recognition, acquaintance fraud and so on.

Tencent Security Release FaceTime Video Fraud Warning: Do Not Accept the Invitation

FaceTime video fraud is the principle, in any running iOS (MAC) on the Apple device, strangers can be in the address book to add a contact (your number), direct dial, is a one-way contact problem.

In response to this phenomenon, Tencent mobile phone housekeeper security expert Yang Qibo suggested:

1. have not identified each other's identity, do not arbitrarily FaceTime;

2. If you have finished, you can temporarily turn off the FaceTime function (set -FACETIME-off);

3. It is recommended to open the Apple ID dual authentication, in addition to password settings, but also set the SMS verification code;

4. received a similar FaceTime chat request, there may be accidentally recorded video, but also to remind the acquaintance around the attention to anti-cheat, involving face recognition and other payment accounts need to modify the payment account password;

5. Attention to security, installation Tencent mobile phone housekeeper, identify strange calls and harassing SMS, personal information and property security. If you encounter suspected fraud information, please pay attention to Tencent & ldquo; guardian plan "WeChat public account to report.

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