Apple News May Let Publishers Charge Readers

2017-07-06 971 Posted by 3uTools

Apple News May Let Publishers Charge Readers

Apple may be planning to loosen its tight control of the way ads are run on the Apple News app. And that could mean big bucks for publishers.

A money fix for the app is supposedly in the works, according to a new report that claims publishers potentially could soon make the same amount of money off ads in Apple News as they do from their own websites.

Publishers supposedly familiar with Apple’s plans told AdAge that Apple News will let top media partners use their own technology to fill ad space in their content. The move will give publishers more control as they attempt to make money from their content: They would be able to use third-party ad tech like Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers.

Micropayment options could also be in the pipeline, according to the report. Apple allegedly wants to let people pay a few cents at a time to access content behind a paywall. Content creators currently give their articles away on Apple News, but Cupertino reportedly wants to encourage readers to pay for news.

With 47 million monthly users, Apple News has been a great way for publishers to draw new eyeballs to content. However, making money off those audiences hasn’t been easy for publishers because of Apple’s walled-garden approach to ad targeting.

Apple News currently allows publishers to use third-party ads, but feeding them to users can be a complicated process. The money-making changes supposedly remain a few months away. It’s unclear if the new revenue avenues will be ready in time for the launch of iOS 11 later this fall.

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