Indian Student is Youngest Customer at Apple Store Opening

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Apple opened its first ever store in Taipei's landmark 101 building at 11 am local time on Saturday with an initial workforce of 130 employees.

Eager fans queued up for the much awaited event. Some waited for as long as 68 hours before the store opened its gate for the public.

Among all those excited fans was a 12-year-old Indian boy, Ashish Purswaney. Ashish waited from the night before, camped on the carpet prepared inside the skyscraper to be able to be one of the first visitors of the event. He had been waiting for about 11 hours.

Indian Student is Youngest Customer at Apple Store Opening

"I wanted to get a pair of AirPods but they sold out instantly. However, I was more there for the experience which was amazing by the way. I was able to participate in lots of apple classes and learn more about their product which was cool" said Ashish.

"He has been attending all the "Today at Apple" workshops since the opening. He was there most of yesterday for some on photography, today he's there to brush up on his video editing skills.” said Priya Purswaney, Ashish's mother.

"Classes I've taken so far include, how to take good photos with the iPhone camera, how to organize your photos on your phone, how to use the photos app on Mac, how to draw on an iPad, how to use pages on Mac and idevices, how to use Final Cut Pro, how to use the iPad, and another advanced class on Final Cut Pro. Today in a few hours I'm going to learn how to use keynote." mentioned Ashish.

"I wrote an e-mail to Tim Cook before the opening and he replied! That is when I made up my mind to camp out for the opening", said the ecstatic Ashish.

Source: Taiwannews

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