Super Mario Bros Playable On The Touch Bar

2017-06-29 3701 Posted by 3uTools

Despite the smallness of the Touch Bar, Internet users had fun diverting its first use to install video games, such as Doom. But that's not all. A publication on the Reddit website shows that it has managed to bring the mythical Super Mario on this Touch Bar. A prowess posted by Redditor PietroMess.

"I just bought the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and I am very happy to share with you the mini" game "that j Could build. You must avoid obstacles, it will be Goomba and Brick, from Super Mario Bros. The game is pretty simple and it's quite similar to Dino for Google Chrome when the Internet connection is not available. "

Super Mario Bros Playable On The Touch Bar

Note that the game is hosted on the developer's Dropbox account and therefore, its origin is rather random on the internet. The developer warns those who would like to download the game, at their own risk. So it is better to wait for the application to be posted on GitHub as Redditor PietroMess promised to enjoy the game on a rather funny screen.

Source: reddit

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