Chinese Team Won the “Master of Pwn”on Pwn2Own Hacker Competition

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Pwn2Own has been held annually since 2007 at the CanSecWest security conference. The goal is to exploit widely used software and mobile devices with vulnerabilities that have not yet been publicly disclosed, in exchange for the device in question and cash prizes. The name is derived from the fact that contestants must “pwn” (another way to say “hack”) the device in order to “own” it (win it). 

Chinese Team Won the “Master of Pwn”on Pwn2Own Hacker Competition

There are some organizations in China who can crack Apple device except Pangu and TaiChi team,like “Keen Security Lab”.Recently annual Mobile Pwn2Own hacker competition was held in PacSec 2016 security conference in Japan ,“Keen Security Lab”team won the “Master of Pwn”and $215,000 as award bonus.        

According to information ,this competition used 3 smart phone ,there were iPhone 6s from Apple ,Nexus 6P from Google ,and Samsung S7 respectively .Keen  Security Team not only cracking iPhone 6s,Keen Labs uses two different bugs combined with other weaknesses in Android to install their rogue application on the Nexus 6P.Keen has successfully acquire confidential information from iPhone 6s photo data by exploited the kernel vulnerability inside.

Chinese Team Won the “Master of Pwn”on Pwn2Own Hacker Competition


Apple is attention to this competition as Pwn2Own Hacker would found some vulnerability program ,of course apple will block soon and pay technologist team who found it.Apple has open its own "Bounty Plan" , the purpose is to allow more developers to participate in search system vulnerabilities, and give each other up to $ 200,000 as bonus.



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