Apple iPad Charger 'Could Have Set My House On Fire', Says Hull Dad

2017-05-12 923 Posted by 3utools

A father from east Hull believes his family was put in danger when his Apple charger set alight.

Ian Horne, who lives with his wife Mel and three children, Sienna three, Riley, 10, and Lacey, 15, in Laburnum Avenue, east Hull, claims their home could have "gone up in flames" when the iPad charger started smoldering.

He said he only realised the charger had burnt when he went to upstairs to bed and saw the plastic around the charger port on the cable had melted and burned black and the wire had been charred.

Mr Horne says he was lucky the charger, which had been plugged into the wall socket but not into any electronic device, was not near fabric or anything flammable.

Apple iPad Charger 'Could Have Set My House On Fire', Says Hull Dad

"I saw it and was shocked," he said. "We were downstairs and didn't know anything about it at all. We were lucky because another day it might have touched the curtains and the whole place would have gone up in flames.

"The charger was in our bedroom, turned on at the plug. It wasn't plugged in to anything. If it had been touching anything, my kids were all in the house, it could have been so much worse."

A spokeswoman for Apple did not want to comment on the matter but customers should look at their safe charging information for iOS devices.

In a statement, they advise: "All Apple products — including our power adapters — undergo rigorous testing for safety and reliability, and are designed to meet government safety standards around the world.

Source: hulldailymail

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