iPod-Father Tony Fadell Speaks at Computer History Museum's iPhone 360

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Last night, as part of its "iPhone 360" series of events celebrating the ten year anniversary of Apple's iconic phone, California's Computer History Museum located in San Jose hosted a conversation between Tony Fadell and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist John Markoff.

 iPod-Father Tony Fadell Speaks at Computer History Museum's iPhone 360

Fadell initially worked General Magic (alongside Andy Rubin, who developed Android), a mid-1990s Apple spinoff working to build digital assistants. He then joined Apple under Steve Jobs to work on iPod and subsequently served as an inventor of the original iPhone before starting Nest. 

After selling the firm to Google for $3.2 billion, he was briefly hailed by the Wall Street Journal as the person to lend "strategic guidance" to Google Glass back in 2015, but then left Google last summer to become an independent project incubator in Paris, France.

Fadell spoke with Markoff--formerly a New York Times reporter and now a historian at the Computer History Museum. The presentation--hosted by the museum on Facebook Live--was one of series of iPhone 360 presentations curated by the museum's Exponential Center.

Source: appleinsider

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