Warren Buffett Compares Buying An iPhone To Buying A Car

2017-05-09 707 Posted by 3uTools

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett doesn't own an iPhone, but that isn't getting in his way of owning the maker of the smartphone, Apple Inc.

"I don't own [Apple] because of what I think the earnings are going to be in the next three months or six months," he explained. "It's very hard to figure out how much people delay their buying of iPhones because of the launch of the new one in six months."

Buffett went on to compare buying an iPhone with buying a car. Specifically, if a car owner is in the market to replace their aging vehicle and they know a new car model will be released in the very near term and will cost roughly the same then few people will rush out to buy the soon to be outdated model.

Warren Buffett Compares Buying An iPhone To Buying A Car

Buffett also commented on Apple's share repurchase program, a strategy he generally opposes when a stock is trading at a high valuation. But in Apple's case he gives his nod of approval.

"If I like buying the stock myself, I like the company buying it," he said. "I obviously think that it's a good buy if you can buy your own stock. There is no company you should understand better than your own company."

Source: benzinga

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