Famous Jailbreaker Says WikiLeaks CIA Dump is Overhyped

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Famous Jailbreaker Says WikiLeaks CIA Dump is Overhyped

WikiLeak’s trove of CIA cyber documents is being hyped as one of the biggest leaks since Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA. But according to one of the world’s top jailbreakers, you shouldn’t believe the hype.

Cyber security expert Will Strafach, who gained notoriety under the name Chronic for finding zero-day exploits used for jailbreaking, says iOS users don’t need to be worried.

“I do not believe any iOS user running iOS 10+ has any cause for concern by this,” Strafach told Cult of Mac in an email after we asked for his expert opinion on Tuesday’s big CIA leak.

No surprises

Other security analysts like Nicholas Weaver, a researcher who leads network security efforts at the University of California, Berkeley, echoed similar thoughts on the leaks. Weaver said they’re interesting but not surprising.

Famous Jailbreaker Says WikiLeaks CIA Dump is Overhyped

The timing of the leaks might be helpful to the Trump administration, which has been facing increasing scrutiny for its connections to Russia in recent days. Before last November’s presidential election, Wikileaks published a trove of emails from the Democratic National Committee. The U.S. intelligence community said the Kremlin passed the documents to WikiLeaks to help tip the election in Donald Trump’s favor. It should also be noted that the people behind WikiLeaks are not necessarily experts on iOS, Android and Windows security. Some or many of the claims made in WikiLeaks’ press release accompanying the massive document dump could be inaccurate.

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